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Introduced by – the specialist for IT quality assurance: Providing advice and support throughout the entire software lifecycle with a team of over 50 specialists from 10 nations. We do projects for AUDI, Deutsche Post, Allianz, Edeka and Volkswagen.


Delivering software solutions of exceptional quality while reducing setup & maintenance costs.


The best price / performance combination of our automated software testing tool & service adapted to your individual needs.

about test automation
time & money
about test automation
about test automation
test coverage
about test automation
The QA Team can focus
on higher qualified tasks
about test automation
  • Reduction of necessary departmental testers by approx. 50% (based on experience from various projects)
  • Repeatability: By achieving the test results obtained, repeat runs within the test cycle or later in the productive enviroment can confirm the corectness or stability of individual program statuses, tables, etc.
  • Reduction of the test duration by shortening the test preparation and by round-the-clock execution of the tests.
we present

What makes TAF better than the actual market solutions?

A perfect combination of our test automation framework and various service offerings.

about tool

It contains an innovative method for improved object identification

The tool is easy and quick to install

It’s an extremely inexpensive solution – best ROI

qsit team

50 coworkers from
10 Nations

We have done the most challenging projects for VW, MAN, Porsche, Audi & Skoda

 We are big and experienced enough, but still have a very openminded and collaborative mindset

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extended product features
Very easy to set up
Based on Selenium
Allows GUI testing
Recorder to save UI elements to maximize reusability
Enhanced with Jenkins Continuous Testing
Many pre-programmed functions: You just have to use them instead of programming them
Cross-browser: IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Windows app
Based on Java: It can be run on different platforms: Mac / Windows / Linux etc.
Only requires basic programming skills - RegEx, HTML, CSS and a minimum of JavaScript
Innovative object identification method: Done via RegEx, where unlike other methods, all dynamic parameters are 100% identifiable and therefore not error prone in execution
Access to scripting mode for further personalization
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our offer

We have years of experience with testing demanding software projects and have built our work on the basis of identifying the needs.

This led us to identify 3 key challenges:


You have a test team and you need an easy to install and use automation tool with a good price/performance ratio and access to good support.

You need an audit of the actual state and support with the test automation strategy. You want us to work together as a test team and you can actively participate in the process. You understand that test automation is the key to saving resources.

You have no experience yet, but understand the need for software testing and the benefits of implementing automation.

  • Access to the tool
  • Assistance with setup
  • 3 months of continuous support
  • Audit & joint strategy development
  • Access to the tool
  • Assistance with setup incl. ongoing support
  • Package of hours from our professional testing team to work together on testing projects
  • Audit & strategy development
  • Access to the tool
  • We become your external software testing team
  • We involve you in the process as much as you want
From 300 Euro monthly
From 600 Euro monthly
Price calculated individually
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additional offers

To meet your needs, we offer you 2 additional options. These can be booked separately.


However, here we follow the same strategy path as explained above – the combination of our automation framework together with the expertise of our team.
These additional offers are:

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Reliable identification of performance bottlenecks such as speed, accuracy and stability at all system levels (hardware, network, application).

Validation of basic software characteristics.

Identification of discrepancies and elimination of problems.

Derivation of targeted measures to improve performance.

Protection of investments & maintenance of user satisfaction.

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Real-time monitoring of server status and health and alerting of problems.

Immediate notification when a code deployment results in unusually high resource consumption.

Actively measure and optimize server performance.

Automate inventory control and prevent compliance issues.

Protection against security breaches & viruses.

Capacity management before problems occur.

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